“Ask me what the most important thing in comedy is.”

“What’s the most important thi-“


Where my last post left off, I was getting ready to rewrite my pricelist website in Ruby on Rails. I decided to do this so I could get some solid hands-on experience with Ruby and with Rails. And the python version had gotten crusty enough that a rewrite was looking enticing.

The rewrite took my spare time for several weeks, and I ended up using all sorts of fun stuff:

Well, I got everything up and running, and working better than ever! I made an announcement on the wowtcg forums, and opened the revamped site for “business”. While that was live, I created a new branch to work on moving to bootstrap, to be more mobile-friendly. I also signed up for an ebay developer account, and wrote some scripts to gather price data there.

Then a couple of weeks later, Cryptozoic and Blizzard announced they were terminating the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, after a run of almost seven years.

So, that sucked.

Anyway, now I need to figure out a new side project. I started working on making a game engine using SDL2 and box2d, but I’ve decided that isn’t the direction I want to go in right now.

I’m looking for a project that combines some (not all!) of these aspects:

Christopher Brooks 08 December 2013